Friday, December 31, 2010

Submission Guidelines

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I am inviting writers from all over the world to help me bring my sister to life. Within a few simple guidelines I am asking people to write short-stories that tell a day or an event in the life of my sister who never had the chance to live it herself.

I’ll provide a little background to help set things in motion, but for the most part I am leaving the subject matter open. In return, besides my thanks, I will give full credit and a link to each author. Stories will be emailed to me (either in the body of the email or as an attachment such as MS Word or a text format) and I will post them. IF I have a problem with a story I will discuss that with the author. Please also include how you want to be credited (first & last name, first name only, a screenname, or whatever) and the state and or country where you live (whatever makes you comfortable). Please look at the list of Contributing Authors on the left for examples.

All rights belong to the authors who submit the stories.

Please help me bring my sister to life!


Jacqueline Louise Wright
Born 03/25/62
Adult height 5’2”

Edward & Jean
Both born 1928

(F)Jean: Born 1951
(F)Mae: Born 1952
(M)Edward: Born 1953
(M)Loren: Born 1959
(M) Will: Born 1964 (This is me)

Place of birth:

Dubuque, IA

(a medium-size Midwestern city)

(also nonnegotiable)
Stories may range from her birth (1962), until 2062, her 100th birthday.
No stories of her death – God wrote that one already.

*No Pornography* This is my sister!

Subject matter is up to the author, BUT I want to celebrate her life and allow her to be free of certain tragedies like childhood abuse or the loss of her own child.

Stories can be in any form, for example 1st or 3rd person, a letter, a diary or journal entry, a narrative story - really just about anything. They DO NOT have to include me (as Will). Just write what comes to you.

That’s it. Please help me. Thank you.

Please send stories to me here: Sam Wright


Amin said...

Sam, I think what you're doing is incredibly brave and also incredibly wonderful for your sister. What a brilliant idea this is.

I hope that everyone who takes part will respect the tremendous respect and love you so obviously feel towards Jacquie - I'm sure they will.

I'm going to post a link to this on my main blog at and I hope you get a lot of stories. They'll come from all around the world and each one will illuminate Jacquie in a slight different way.

As I said, a brilliant idea.

Sam said...

Thank you, sir, we will see.

anna said...

Hey Sam, I found a link on Jas' blog. You want to know about Jacquie? I knew Jacquie; went to school with her as a matter of fact. smart girl, very smart. I am going to dust off the year book and see if I can remember a special little story about her.
see ya later...

Sam said...

Cool, Anna, I can't wait to see it!

Susan Flemming said...

Hello Sam, I'm pleased to see that you've received two more Jacquie stories. I hope you receive many more.

Sam said...

Thank you, Susan. It did slow for over a week, so I hope thi is a sign of things to come :-)