Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Jacquie’s Melody

So intensely she played. Her body flowing back and forth as the sound of her cello filled the warm summer's eve. Her long thin hands flew, like butterflies quickly across the vibrant strings. Each note so exquisite that it hurt the soul to hear. Even now, he could hear the echo of that sound within his mind.

Once not so long ago, on a clear summers day, Jacquie sat, bow in hand upon the lush green lawn behind her house.
So still, she might have been asleep. Silent for now, her music.
The slim girl with hair as dark as night and vivid green eyes could not remain thus for long.
Her nature had always been bright and searching. Her laughter seemed ever to sore like a rush of wind.
He watched her closely, this changeling. Waiting for Jacquie to once more lift her bow and play. Play the music he loved almost as much as she. He waited for her to play her cello again.

Moving as if in slow motion, Jacquie gently caressed her bow as the lazy summer sun played with patches of light in her hair. So deep in thought of wondrous things, her gaze never wandered. She thought as always of him. The brother so much a part of herself. Her mind drifted amid playful images of him.

He loved her for her beauty. Her skin so pale she seemed to fade in the bright summer’s sun. Her smile, her sweet, sweet smile that ever warmed his heart. He would be her champion, following her anywhere. He would keep her close forever.

Jacquie slowly lifted her bow and began to play once more. His heart swelled as the music grew intense.
She would grow as would he and face the world, Jacquie's world together.

Even now Will could see her smile and just hear the faint sound of a melody. A melody so ingrained within him that it had became a part of his soul.

(Written by Melanie)

Monday, October 09, 2006

My Brother Will

“I am going to tell Mom & Dad, Jacquie.”

The pretty young girl with the long, blonde curly hair turned around and looked at her younger brother. “Tell them what, Will?” She asked with a smile playing at her lips.

“I am telling that I saw you kiss Jason and that you have his ring on a chain around your neck.” The little boy with the freckled face and serious blue eyes answered back.

Tears formed in Jacquie’s eyes as she thought about that day. It seemed like only yesterday, but it had been more than twenty years ago. A lot had happened in those twenty years. She went to college, and then law school and now she was a lawyer. Her younger brother, Will was writing his second book, after his first became a huge success. She was very proud of him.

Through the years she always asked him for his advice, even though he was a few years younger. She remembered when she quit college and was bumming around and working at a secretary job. “Will, do you think I should go back to school?” Will looked at her, grinned and said. “Well, Jacquie if you want to be a secretary and get your boss’s coffee for him every morning I don’t think you should.”

“Will, I am thinking about going to law school. I don’t know if I am smart enough or if I can do it, but I want to try.”

“Of course you are going to law school, Jacquie. What else could you possibly do?” He laughed.

Then, one day she called him. “Will, hi this is Jacquie, your sister Jacquie. I want to tell you something important and I wondered if you have a minute to talk.”

“Jacquie, hi how are you doing? Of course I have a minute. What is up with you?”

She hesitated. “Well, Will I want to tell you first before I tell anyone else. Jason and I have decided to get married.’

Less than a minute passed but it seemed like eternity. She wanted Will to say it was okay. She needed to hear him say it, then she could be sure that she had made the right decision when she told Jason yes.

“Jacquie, Congratulations Sis. I am really happy for you and Jason. To tell you the truth I can’t wait to become Uncle Will.”

“Thanks, Will. That means a lot to me. Jacquie let out a sigh of relief. “Will, do you remember the time you were going to tell Mom and Dad when you caught Jason kissing me?” You never told anyone, why not?”

“Well, uh, I don’t know. I just didn’t.” Will stammered. “Okay, Okay. I better be honest here. I never told you this before but Jason gave me a dollar and made me promise not to tell anyone”

“What?” What, I don’t believe you. You made me worry for months that you were going to tell them. I will murder you when I see you. Do you hear me, Will? I will kill you.”

“I love you, too. I need to get back to work Jacquie, let me know the date and I will be there. Take Care and Jacquie?”

“Yes, Will?”

“I wouldn’t have told them anyway, sis.”

“Jacqueline Louise Wright do you take this man, Jason Lee Stapleton as your Husband?”

Jacquie looked out into the familiar faces in the church and her eyes locked with a pair of piercing blue eyes in the crowd. As she looked into his eyes she knew that everything would always be okay. “Yes, Yes I do. She smiled up at her husband.

(Written by Linda Fort-Bolton)

The Pony

“Grandma, tell me about the good ole days,” the little girl said. She shifted around on her Grandmother’s couch in a yellow dress with a red ribbon in her hair. “You know when you were my age and you got that pony for your birthday.”

“Jacqueline Louise Wright how many times have I told you that story?” her Grandmother asked as she adjusted herself in a big easy chair so that she faced Jacqueline.

“I don’t know, Grandma maybe a million times, but it’s my birthday today.”

The old lady put down her knitting needles. “First, Jacquie you have to answer a few questions for Grandma.”

Jacqueline’s eyebrows rose. “Are they hard questions, Grandma?”

“No child. They’re easy ones.”

“Jacqueline nodded and smiled. “Okay, Grandma.”

The old lady sat and thought for a moment, twisting her mouth from side to side. “Okay, first question. How old are you?”

“I turned six today, Grandma. Don’t you know that I am six years old?”

“Yes, child I know that you are six today. Okay, here is a hard question. Are you ready?”

Jacqueline nodded eagerly.

“When were you born?”

Jacqueline rolled her eyes. “March twenty fifth nineteen sixty-two. Six years ago Grandma, don’t you know how to subtract?”

The old lady smiled. “Okay, smarty pants. What is your Mothers and Fathers name?”

“Edward and Jean, I think, but I call them Mom and Dad.”

“How many brothers and sisters do you have?”

Jacqueline counted her tiny fingers. She looked up sharply with a smile. “I have five.”

“Do you know their names?”

Jacqueline shook her head. “Of course I do, Grandma. Jean, Mae, Edward, Loren, and my baby brother Will.”

“That’s right child, and where are your Mother, Father, brothers and sisters?”

“They’re at home. It is my special day, so I got to come here to visit you, Grandma.”

“Do you like coming to visit Grandpa and me, child?”

“Yes, Grandma. I love your stories,” Jacqueline’s eyes widened. “Now, will you tell me, Grandma? Will you tell me the story of the pony?”

The old lady let out a deep sigh. “It was a long, long time ago when I was your age. My Father, you never met my father, went to heaven before you were born. He was a strong and handsome man.”

“More handsome than Daddy, Grandma?”

The old lady grinned. “Oh, I guess about the same. Anyway on my sixth birthday my Father bought me a pony. We lived out in the country where ponies were permitted, ponies are not permitted here in the city.”

“I sure wish I could have a pony. I live out in the country. Well sort of. I live close to a park. Is that good enough, Grandma?”

“No child you have to live in the country. A pony needs a place where he can run free.”

Jacqueline shifted around on the couch. “Tell me more, Grandma.”

The old ladies eyes lit up. “Oh child, this was such a beautiful pony, and he could do all kinds of tricks.”

“What kind of tricks, Grandma?”

“Well for one. He would stick his nose right down into my coat pocket and pull out the apple I had hidden in there. ”

“Gee, Grandma that was a pretty smart pony.”

“Oh that pony was smart all right. His hair felt like silk, and his eyes were bright. Did you know he could carry three children at once on his back?

“He must have been a real strong pony, Grandma.”

“I guess as far as ponies go. He was really strong.”

“Tell me his name, Grandma.”

“You know his name child.”

Jacqueline’s face lit up like a Christmas tree. “It was Magic, right Grandma? Because he could do all kinds of tricks.”

“That is right, Jacquie”

Jacqueline lowered her head. “I wish I could have a pony like Magic to ride,” she whispered.
“Jacquie, come here and sit on my lap, child.”

Jacqueline got up from the couch and moved over to the chair where her Grandmother sat, and climbed onto her lap.

“Jacquie, when Grandpa gets home. I am going to have him take you to a place where they have ponies. And you know what, child?”

“What, Grandma?”

“You are going to get to ride one of those ponies for your birthday.”

Jacqueline threw her arms around her Grandmother’s neck, and kissed her on the cheek. “Grandma, do you know something?”

“What child?”

“I love you.”

(Written by Robert Rohloff)